The revolutionary eco-material
For rapid construction of homes in molded wood

mBio 7 is a molded wooden panel, which allows to build easily and quickly sustainable houses, antisismic and anticyclonic, ecological and bioclimatic, fire resistant and weatherproof.

The assembly of these panels, by interlocking , screwing and filling with cellulose, straw, wool, soil, concrete or any other material , allows the assembly, blocking, insulation and finishing of walls, partitions, floors, siding, and vaults roofs of houses, in a simple and scalable way.

Renewable material par excellence , because made from recycled and milled wood, mBio7 saving forests and ensures an optimized CO2 balance sheet, as well in manufacturing than in transport.

Click on the picture to see the installation of the first tiny house built in mBio7 panels.

Medal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development - Concours Lépine Paris 2015

Le concept

Build Simply

Slot ⇒ Screw ⇒ Fill The ideal material for self-building

Walls , Partitions , Flooring , Cladding , Arches , Roofs Realize all your dreams

Build Strongly

Build worldwide cheap adapted houses, isolated with locally available materials

Build Durably

Respect the nature and the planet

Fire , Earthquake , Cyclone Stay in safety

Recycled & recyclable

A positive CO² balance