The revolutionary eco-material
For rapid construction of homes in molded wood


The assembly of these panels, by interlocking , screwing and filling with cellulose, straw, wool, earth, concrete or any other material , allows the assembly, blocking, insulation and finishing of walls, partitions, floors, siding, and vaults roofs of houses, in a simple and scalable way. It is the offset mounting of the panels and the screwing zones '' A '' which guarantee the rigidity of the construction without using frame. It's a simple and secure concept.

Realizations examples

The tiny house built in mBio7 panels.

Click on the picture to see the installation of the first tiny house built in mBio7 panels.

Comparative between the traditional and mBio7.

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Assembly techniques being validated: vaulted roof.

mBio7 is a unique concept that offers solutions for quick housing anywhere in the world and an answer to individual and collective equipment needs for sports, industry, associations, environmental and humanitarian.

anticyclonic and earthquake-resistant housing : Low wind resistance, fast closing windows, strapping walls (see assembly technology)

Cloakroom for sport ground : Simple, easy to make, low cost and scalable.